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Is the Capital Value of Your Vacant Property Protected?

When you have vacant property within your portfolio you have an immediate problem of how to find a new occupier or how best to dispose of the asset. These issues are here and now, but there is a much bigger issue lurking - how do you protect the capital value of the asset?

You might think that this is something that doesn’t need looking at, the property will be sold in no time or a new tenant found. Hopefully this is the case, but what about the occasions where this doesn’t happen?

We have witnessed first-hand the devastating impact metal stripping can have on the value of a property and have produced a case study demonstrating the Right Way of protecting Capital Value – ‘The Proactive Approach and the Wrong Way of protecting Capital Value – ‘The Reactive Approach’

You can view the full case study of both approaches by clicking here, but the photos on this page show the consequences when you take 'The Reactive Approach'

In summary, taking the proactive approach to a vacant property resulted in:

  • A full handover of the property being undertaken
  • Full understanding of all building systems and keys
  • Protection of the property provided on Day 1 with a Guardian moving in
  • Further Guardians placed into the property
  • A protected building and maintenance issues identified
  • The protection of the capital value of the building

In comparison, the reactive approach resulted in:

  • Property stripped of all metal
  • An unachievable asking price (reduction of Capital Value)
  • Potential issues over insurance compliance
  • The property is likely to be demolished

If you want to be proactive over the protection of your vacant assets and protect the capital value, please get in touch today by clicking here or calling us on 0333 7000 130.