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False Alarm Activations

Temporary monitored alarms when used in the right type of vacant properties are an excellent low cost way to protect an asset whilst it is being sold, converted or awaiting the next occupier.

Many people like the flexibility these alarms provide but with some systems find the false activations and associated costs frustrating and hard to budget for.

With many systems, the monitoring centre receives notifications of alarm activations and have to invariably send the mobile security patrol to site. Often these activations turn out to be legitimate people in the property who haven't turned the alarm off!

This costs money each time it occurs and the low cost solution then becomes expensive on a monthly basis which can significantly increase holding costs.

We are pleased that the temporary monitored alarms used by Moorcroft are visually verified which helps to reduce these false call outs and associated costs.

When a sensor is triggered in a key part of the building, it takes a short video which is sent through to the alarm receiving centre and ourselves. This allows us to quickly ascertain if the person triggering the alarm is meant to be at the property or it is wildlife etc. This short video clip is hugely successful at reducing false call outs.

An example of such an activation can be viewed by clicking here

Our website provides more information on the systems we use and can be viewed by clicking here

Alternatively if you would like to discuss any sites you require assistance with please do not hesitate to contact us using the details to the right.


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