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Warning Over Disused Mills



West Yorkshire Police have recently issued a warning to people accessing disused mills in the Halifax area. You can see the report to the right of this page or visit the news section of their website by clicking here

There is a common problem with buildings like this, they are seen as exciting for people to ‘explore’ and often this is undertaken by young people. In addition there is a network of people who enjoy taking photos of disused buildings and sharing them on websites which then attracts other people to the property to see for themselves.

Whilst these people may have ‘good intentions’ to access the property and are not doing so for vandalism or theft purposes, their presence causes a huge headache for the property owner.

As indicated in the press release from the Police, these buildings are very often dangerous with big drops and open pits. If someone was to have an accident where does the liability lie?

We have experience at advising clients who own buildings such as these and have found that our combined solution of temporary monitored alarm systems alongside temporary monitored CCTV systems with a tannoy facility works particularly effectively and ensures that any trespassers are scared off before they enter the building.

If you own a property like this and would like a no obligation discussion about how we can protect your site from trespassers please get in touch with us.