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Case Study - Traveller Occupation

The work of Moorcroft Vacant Property Management is to protect properties and the capital value of these assets. Sometimes we get asked to help where it is too late to protect as there has been an incident. Under these circumstances we are equally adept at assisting with problem solving as the initial protection phase. We have been involved with one such case recently and a summary of our involvement is shown below.


A large industrial complex of approximately 90,000 sq ft on a site of 6 acres was vacant following the previous occupier entering administration. The site was under control of the Administrators who were close to completing on the sale of the site. There were some security measures in place on the site but these sadly failed and Travellers entered the site, Moorcroft Vacant Property Management were then asked to assist.

What Was Happening?

Moorcroft attended site and found in excess of 6 caravans and numerous vehicles present as well as evidence that the buildings had been broken into with water pouring from the 1st floor. The High Voltage sub-station had seen the transformers removed and stripped of all valuable copper. There was a large amount of builders waste dumped on the site and evidence that the Travellers were charging people to bring waste to the site and dump it.

Phase 1 Activity—Remove Travellers

The immediate priority was to arrange for the travellers to be removed from site as soon as possible. Using knowledge of S61 legislation we facilitated a conversation with the Police about them using their powers under the act. The Police were receptive to this and served notice for the Travellers to depart and returned the next day to check they had left.

As soon as this happened, we immediately arranged for concrete blocks to be placed across the entrances and for 2 security guards to be stationed on site to provide protection from the Travellers returning.

We then attended site and produced a ‘Day 1’ report showing the extent of the damage, the level of waste left behind and the areas we deemed as dangerous and needing immediate action and met with the intended purchasers, the insurers and loss adjusters to agree an action plan for the work required at the site.

Phase 2 Activity—Site Remediation and Management

The next priority was to arrange for the remedial work to be undertaken. This saw us immediately arrange for the damaged electrics and water to be made safe and isolated so the site was safe. We then obtained quotes for the clearance and clean-up of the waste left on site and began the liaison with electricity providers and specialist High Voltage engineers to obtain costs for reinstatement of the damaged sub station. In addition, a specification was agreed for the repairs to the buildings on site.

Moorcroft then managed all agreed works including site visits, managing multiple contractors and acting as a coordinator between the client, the contractors and the purchasers to ensure the project remained on track.


At the end of the project, the initial site works were delivered to the agreed standard and the site returned to its condition prior to traveller occupation. This allowed the sale of the property to complete and our client was delighted with the role we played in managing the project.

More Information

You can download a copy of this case study by clicking here

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