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Construction Site Protection

Construction sites and open storage compounds are attractive to thieves and children - especially during the long summer holidays.

Protecting sites like these out of hours is difficult and costly – typical routes followed are could be to place manned guards on site or arrange for periodic mobile patrols to take place.

As a result of these difficulties, Moorcroft Vacant Property Management has developed a new version of our temporary monitored alarm system which is designed for use on construction sites.

The alarm system is designed to be placed outside and has outdoor infrared camera detectors.

When a wireless camera PIR is triggered, the alarm system sounds an external alarm and emails a video clip to a 24/7 monitoring station who can then watch the video and sent a security response or call the police if required.

The fact that the system is waterproof and dust resistant, it means they can be installed virtually anywhere and with the system running from battery power, there is no need for electricity to be available on site.

As can be seen in this clip , the system had the desired effect and once the detector was triggered and the alarm sounded, the trespasser promptly left site.

The systems are installed quickly and are rented on a competitive weekly basis.

If you have any sites that you are concerned about from a security or trespassing perspective, please get in touch and we can discuss how we may be able to assist you.