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Case Study - Vacant Site Management


A former residential retreat run by a charity was in the process of closing and awaiting completion of the sale. The site was isolated and there was a concern that it would be targeted once the last staff moved out.

Various options for security were being considered but cost was a concern. Moorcroft Vacant Property Management were asked to assist

What Was Happening?

The charity was in the process of moving staff to new living accommodation whilst awaiting a date for completion of the sale. They were planning for how to protect the building once the staff members left but wanted to reduce holding costs during this time.

The site needed clearing of contents but they didn’t have the in-house capability to undertake and in addition the purchaser had requested a part-fallen tree removing pre-completion.

The whole process was new to the organisation and staff

Our Approach

Working closely with the client, we undertook a full assessment of the site to identify potential weaknesses once the property was vacated. Using this knowledge we devised a cost effective solution of installing one of our wireless temporary monitored alarm systems. With an unknown completion date the system could be installed quickly and had no minimum period.

The alarm system gave the comfort of being monitored 24/7 with visual verification on selected detectors but also provided the ability for staff to come and go and the building to be flexibly protected when empty. In addition we added smoke sensors linked to the monitored system to protect the building from fire.

Additional Management

The site needed a full clearance of combustibles, furniture and general waste. We obtained quotes and managed the clearance of the property ensuring it was done prior to completion and to a standard required by the purchaser

In addition there was a part-fallen tree that needed removing prior to completion. We arranged for a tree surgeon to remove the tree and associated waste to allow the property sale to complete

The purchaser was happy with the work we had been doing and asked us to continue to manage the site and provide our monitored alarm system for a short while post-completion until he began work on the building.

Client Quote

“Thank you for sending over the final pictures of the clearance work you carried out. It's fair to say that I'm not sure that we would have managed to finish without your team, and the service you provided was vital to us finishing well. However, it was far more than that, and the concern you showed for the property from the very beginning and your willingness to act on our behalf at all times was most encouraging”

UK Head of Operations & Secretary to Trustees

More Information

For more information or to discuss how Moorcroft can help you manage your Vacant Property, please contact:

Frank Langman—07519 655 699

Carl Gledhill—07767 806 361


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